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"The majority of tax returns would benefit from an analysis by the program..."
  -CPA Technology Advisor Magazine 

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"... economical, well-designed product that is simple to use."

"Every tax professional should be using 1040 Review."  

1040 Review takes only seconds after preparing a tax return to perform a comprehensive review of your client's data and identify tax planning ideas and compliance issues based on the return. Automatically generate attractive reports for your clients that include potential tax savings and graphs comparing your client's deductions to national averages for their business code and income. Streamline your review process with an automated, fully customizable due diligence checklist with features far beyond manual or spreadsheet checklists. Open a Compare Typical Report that compares your client's data to national averages for their AGI on Schedule A, and by business code on Schedule C. Imports data from returns prepared by most professional tax programs.

In today's competitive climate where the public wants more from you than from your competition, these tools give you a tangible way to demonstrate an extra level of service!

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Nearly 30% of CPA's in public practice in Vermont are using one of our leading products!

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